A 3Doodled Hand?!

Yesterday I mentioned that I’ve recently acquired a 3Doodler thanks to my friends over at MakerGeeks. (Check them out! )

Once I got the gist of how the thing worked, I wanted to try something bigger.

I have this random statue of a hand in my house (I bought it at an antique store for $3 and I told my kids it’s for practicing high fives).

I thought it would be cool to make a wireframe copy of it using the 3Doodler. So I did.

Here’s what the hand statue looked like to start out with. Ridiculous, right? But also awesome.

I started by tracing the basic contours of the hand with the 3Doodler, just trying to get the initial framework in place.

With the basic framework in place, I started adding more structure.

I continued adding support pieces, but had to switch up the colors because I was running out of white.

Once there was enough structure for the thing to stand on its own, I cut apart one side and popped it off of the original statue. Then I repaired the cut-apart side and continued adding pieces in new colors.

Here’s what the final pieces looked like side-by-side:

Pretty cool!

Don’t forget, this is day 2 of a whole week of 3Doodler posts!

So stay tuned throughout this week, because I’ll be sharing more things I’ve made as I’ve gotten more accustomed to the 3Doodler.

Oh, and make sure to check out www.MakerGeeks.com !

They’ve got all sorts of awesome maker gear, from 3D printer kits to fully-assembled 3D printers to filament and more. And of course, they’ve got a great deal on the 3Doodler.

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