Address Stamps! Excessive Exclamation Points!

Today I had to mail dozens and dozens of sweatshirts . Because I don’t have a printer (I know, how behind-the-times am I?!), I (with a little help from my wife) had to address all of the packages by hand.

Then later today, I was paying bills, and I realized I’m almost out of those return-address labels that companies send you for free in the mail sometimes.

I’ve always thought it would be cool to get a custom stamp made with my return address all spelled out the way I want it. So today I decided to design one.

Here are the options I came up with. I’m still not sure which one I like best. What do you think?

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One thought on “ Address Stamps! Excessive Exclamation Points!

  1. I think the top is my favorite and the exclamation points come in 2nd. It’s partially because it has the cleanest lines, and that’s really helpful with those stamps because they can get a little fuzzy if your angle is off or you don’t press down with exactly the right amount of pressure (can you tell I have one?).

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