Kyle Makes A Lego Piñata

This past weekend was my son’s 5th birthday. Like a lot of little boys, he is REALLY into LEGOs.

In fact, he specifically requested a LEGO-themed party. And since I’m a huge fan of LEGOs too, I wasn’t going to say no.

When it came to the piñata, Wes wanted a LEGO man full of candy. Initially my wife was going to make the whole thing, but when we got down to the wire, she just had too many other party planning things on her plate, so I jumped in and took over.


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Kyle Makes A Cardboard Treehouse

Recently I’ve run into this situation several times: I know I’m supposed to make something (because I’ve got to put something up on the blog), but I have no idea what to make. I look at the list of ideas that I keep on hand for such occasions, but none of them really jumps out at me.

So I grab some cardboard, fire up the hot glue gun, and just start messing around.

I ran into this situation again recently. Even after gathering all my supplies, I wasn’t sure what to make. So I got on Pinterest and started looking at stuff that I’d pinned in the past.

One of the things I came across was a post about awesome treehouses. I hadn’t pinned it as something to make… I just thought the treehouses were cool. But when I saw it that day, I thought “I’ll make a cardboard treehouse!”

And so I did.


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Kyle Makes A Redneck Einstein

When I’m not making stuff to post on the internet, I have a full-time, real life job as a motivational speaker . It’s a lot of fun, and I get to travel all over the country.

But now that I’ve committed to posting something new every weekday, that means I’m going to have to do more on-the-road making.

To test the waters, last week I brought some supplies with me on a trip to Minot, ND. I packed my hot glue gun, a bunch of hot glue sticks, some scissors, a box knife, an exacto knife, and a few pieces of cardboard. Obviously all of this went into my checked luggage, so as not to get me arrested for having WEAPONS OF MASK CONSTRUCTION.

(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. When you have three kids, the dad jokes just come to you) (more…)

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Kyle Makes An Abraham Lincoln Mask

The week before the 4th of July, I found out I’d have the opportunity to ride highwheel bikes (pennyfarthings) in the local Independence Day Parade.

Then, two days before the parade, I woke up at 3 AM with the idea to build a giant Abraham Lincoln mask for the parade.

As I saw it, there were a few issues with this idea:

  1. I had two days to build the mask, paint it, and let the paint dry.
  2. I’ve never ridden a REGULAR bike with a mask on, let alone a pennyfarthing.
  3. I wanted to build the mask BIG.

Despite these issues, I couldn’t shake the idea. I decided I had to do it. (more…)

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Kyle Makes Some Giant Cardboard Letters

My wife and I were sitting around one evening, lamenting the fact that our kids didn’t have anything hanging on their walls, when I said “How about I make something?”

A few minutes later, I’d sketched out the basic concept for two cardboard letters, L & W (for Lucy & Wesley, my two oldest children). I showed them to my wife, and she gave me the thumbs-up.

For Lucy’s letter, I decided to make a cardboard castle with one really short tower and one really long one, to form the letter L.

Here’s how I made it.


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Kyle Makes A MegaZord Mask

Awhile back, Wes (my oldest son) got really into the Power Rangers. Luckily for me, he was watching Power Rangers on Netflix, so he wasn’t watching the latest reboot of Power Rangers… he was watching the ORIGINAL, MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS.

I had just started making cardboard masks at the time, and he asked if I would make him a MegaZord mask.

Dad Law states that if your son asks you to make him something, and you have the resources to make said thing, you have to do it. So I did.

Here’s how I made it


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