Kyle Makes A Bad Guy Trap

Today is my son’s 5th birthday, so I figured I’d post something Wesley-related.

A few weeks ago I was looking for ideas of something to build, and Wes said, “Why don’t you make a trap to catch bad guys? Then we can put it in my room at night to protect me and Lucy.”

That seemed like a great idea, so I got right to work.

I started by roughing out the basic shape from two pieces of cardboard (since there are two identical sides of the trap).

Next I bent the side pieces into shape and added the section in the middle that sets off the trap.

Next, I added a little target detail to the center section and started working on the chain for the trap.

I liked the detail of the little target, so I decided to keep adding details and texture (I’m a sucker for detail work on cardboard. It can be the difference between a real kiddish-looking piece and something that looks much cooler).

Next I got to work on the stake. What good is a trap with a chain if the chain isn’t attached to anything? I knew I couldn’t actually stake this thing into the ground, so I built the next-best thing: a pre-staked stake!

Finally, the thing was done. We had a Grade-A, bonafide Bad Guy Trap!

Wes has put it out almost every night, but so far we haven’t caught a single Bad Guy. I think we’ve got em pretty scared at this point.

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