Kyle Makes A Big Cardboard Reminder

I’m a motivational speaker by trade, so I’m a little biased… but I really believe that words can have a huge impact on our lives. That’s why I’ve made an effort to surround myself with words that either make me laugh, make me think, or motivate me to do more.

Today’s project was an effort to do even more of that.

I decided I wanted to make big cardboard letters that say “Think Bigger” , just as a reminder to myself to not limit my plans and hopes and aspirations.

I started by sketching the basic shape out onto the biggest sheet of cardboard I had on hand. I left the pencil there so you could see the scale.

I cut it out, then glued it on top of another sheet of cardboard and repeated the process.

IMG_7536 I kept stacking layers like this until I had a pretty thick piece overall. Then it was time for paint.


I did a few coats of white paint, then an accent with some blue, which came out much shakier than I hoped. Gotta practice more!

Here’s the final product hanging on the wall in my house:


It’s obvious that I need to learn to cut straight lines better, but overall it’s not bad for a first try at something bigger and text-based. I’ll probably keep playing with this format, because it was a really fun project.

Thanks for looking!

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