Kyle Makes A Finished Box Troll Costume

Over the past few days I’ve been showing you how I made my son’s Box Troll costume for Halloween.

On Wednesday I showed you how I made the mask , and yesterday I shared how I made the hands.

Today I’ll show you how I made the feet, painted the whole thing, and put it all together.

For the feet, I started with an old pair of shoes that Wes doesn’t wear much anymore. They still fit him (this is important, since he’ll be wearing them in the costume), but he could go a few weeks without needing them (also important, since they’ll be stuck inside the costume til I pull it all apart).

I hot-glued each shoe to a piece of cardboard that I had roughly cut into the shape of a troll foot.

Next I used rolled pieces of cardboard to add the three toes.

Once the toes were in place, I built up the back of the foot and added a cardboard “shoe tongue” to cover the actual shoe.

I also added toenails, but these were painted separately, so they didn’t go on the feet until all the paint was dry.

Next, I had to make the box part of the Box Troll. This is pretty crucial to the whole costume, haha.

I took an amazon box, cut holes for the arms, neck, and waist, and then dirtied it up using black paint. I also banged it up a bit, exposed the corrugation in places, and just generally tried to make it look like it had been left outside for awhile. I also hand-drew a label for it, based on one of the labels Amazon made available (I just didn’t have a printer available, so I replicated it by hand).

Finally, it was time for paint. I painted the troll parts green, with white teeth and yellow fingernails (I thought about going with yellow teeth, but it grossed me out. For some reason yellow fingernails didn’t. Ha!).

After the paint was dry, I had Wes try it on.

Voila! A box troll!

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2 thoughts on “ Kyle Makes A Finished Box Troll Costume

  1. This is fantastic. Wes will be the best-dressed kid on Halloween!

    Visiting from

  2. Great costume. I told my girls I want to be a box troll and they said, “Cool!… but how will you do that?” Now, after your blog, it won’t be a problem! Thanks!

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