Kyle Makes A Lego Piñata

This past weekend was my son’s 5th birthday. Like a lot of little boys, he is REALLY into LEGOs.

In fact, he specifically requested a LEGO-themed party. And since I’m a huge fan of LEGOs too, I wasn’t going to say no.

When it came to the piñata, Wes wanted a LEGO man full of candy. Initially my wife was going to make the whole thing, but when we got down to the wire, she just had too many other party planning things on her plate, so I jumped in and took over.

This is how far she’d gotten when she handed it over to me.

She’d made a great start, but I still had a long way to go.

I started by adding the arms. I cut these out of a big cardboard tube I had laying around. I have no idea where this tube came from, but it was beefy. In fact, we ended up using the leftover section of the tube as the beating stick for the piñata at the party, and it didn’t bend or get dented at all.

Using a LEGO man as a model, I kinda eyeballed how long the arm should be, where it should bend, etc. I made one, then duplicated it for the other side, only changing the angle of the shoulder cut. Then I hot glued them both on.

Next I added hands. I cut the hands themselves from the same cardboard tube the arms were made of. Then I cut and rolled a smaller-diameter cardboard tube to serve as the wrist section. I taped it all together (glue would’ve worked too, I just had tape sitting next to me) and put the hands in place. Because they were just held by the tension of the smaller tube against the bigger tube (no glue or tape), the hands actually turned like real LEGO hands!

Once the hands were done, I got to work on the head. I started by cutting and rolling a big cylinder shape out of cardboard. Then I went along the top and bottom and cut slits every few inches. Then I started bending the strips in toward the middle and gluing them together to make the top of the head round-ish.

I did the same thing for the bottom of the head, then glued it on to the body. I also cut a little circle to cover the hole on the top of the head, and I made a thin cylinder shape to act as a neck.

Now it was time for paint! I went with a simple color scheme because it was almost midnight and the party was the next morning. I painted the head and hands yellow, the pants black, and the shirt green. I painted the classic smiley-LEGO-face on the head, and we were done!

The next morning, when the paint had dried, I cut a small door in the back of the piñata, dumped in the candy, and then glued the door shut. Then we hung the piñata up and kids beat the tar out of it. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pics of the piñata hanging up, because we were in full-on birthday party mode (supervising a dozen little kids who were running around like crazy). But we did manage to get this picture afterwards, when my son was kicking the LEGO man’s head around the yard like a soccer ball. Which, I’m told, is how terrorists are made.

All in all, the kids loved the piñata. Especially the birthday boy, which was kinda the whole point.

If you’re thinking about making your own piñata, you should totally try it! We’ve done it the past two years, when we couldn’t find the piñatas we wanted. It’s super easy, super cheap, and super fun.

Thanks for checking out our LEGO man (may he rest in peace)!

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