Kyle Makes A New Mythical Creature

Coming up with a new thing every weekday means constantly being on the lookout for new ideas. I hope to do a whole post in the future about where I get ideas, how I keep track of them, and how I sift through them for the ones I like best… but for now, suffice it to say that I have a fairly robust idea-capturing system.

I even capture the crazy ideas I have while I’m sleeping.

A few weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night with this idea: what if I painted a picture of a unicorn, but instead of a horn, he had a banana sticking out of his forehead?

I called it the Bananacorn.

I got up and wrote the idea down, knowing that if I didn’t, I’d forget the whole thing by morning. A few days later, when I went to choose something from my list of ideas, that one stuck out as so ridiculous, I had to do it.

Initially I was going to illustrate the entire thing. But in order to start, I was drawing overtop of an existing horse picture as a reference. I thought it looked even more funny that way, so I decided to keep it.

In fact, I thought it was so funny that the other people at the coffeeshop I was working at kept asking me what I was laughing at, assuming I was watching some funny Youtube video or something. But no. I was working on this:

I’m not really sure what powers, if any, the Bananacorn possesses. Besides the power of awesomeness. And the power of potassium.

All I know is that every time I look at this picture, it makes me laugh.

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