Kyle Makes a Poor Attempt at Drawing Faces

Recently I realized that I am pretty horrible at drawing faces.

Well, not like horrible horrible. I can draw a face that you would look at and say “Yeah, that’s a face!”

But when I try to draw specific faces, I get into trouble.

For instance, I recently tried to draw a picture of Chris Pratt with a mustache . This is how it came out:

Clearly, that is a face. Clearly, the face of a man. With a mustache.

Unfortunately, it bears no resemblance whatsoever to Chris Pratt. Ha!

Realizing I needed a lot of practice in drawing faces, I decided to get a thrift store painting, paint the whole thing white, and just fill it up with faces.

It started out pretty good. These weren’t supposed to be faces of any people in particular, but I wanted to get practice with facial features, proportions, etc. So I drew a couple different folks.

As you can see, things started out pretty good, but then quickly deteriorated after only a few faces. Don’t even ask about those last two. They even creep ME out a little, and I’m the one who drew them.

Next I colored in the faces (if you can call them that).

Finally, I added a bit of explanatory text.

If you can’t read it, it says “To be fair, there’s a perfectly good reason I’m not very good at drawing faces: whenever I sit down to practice, I can only do about two or three before I get bored & start turning the faces into other things.”

I don’t know that I got any better at drawing faces through this process, but I definitely think I could sell this painting to someone who collects paintings that would give kids nightmares. So there’s that.

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