Kyle Makes Another Poster

Today’s thing is a poster I made.

I have a notebook where I write down different phrases that strike me as funny or interesting, or that I think I could turn into a t-shirt or poster or something.

Awhile back, I had written down the phrase “ People like people from Missouri .” I’m from Missouri, and I thought it could make a silly pseudo-retro state pride shirt.

But then I crossed that out, and underneath it wrote “ People like people who like people.

I liked that a lot better. For one thing, it doesn’t just appeal to people from Missouri. But also, I thought it could be visually interesting to have the word “people” repeated three times.

A few days ago I was looking for a phrase to doodle, and I came across that one. I started sketching, and I came up with this rough concept.

I brought this into Illustrator and started working on vectorizing it and cleaning it up a bit.

Here you can see the letters from the original drawing in grey, along with some guidelines in red. I put those in to help myself redraw the whole thing with slightly better composition. Those black lines are the new drawing.

Next I separated out the new letters from the old and put them all together.

On the left you can see the vectors from the initial sketch. On the right is the cleaned-up version. Some people might say it’s not that much of a difference, but I like it a lot better. It still has that hand-drawn look, but it’s cleaner and more cohesive as a whole.

Finally I added a shadow and played around with the colors. Bada-boom, bada-bing, I had the final product!

Whadduya think?

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