Kyle Makes Some Board Game Art

Awhile back I found this old copy of Scrabble. The pieces weren’t all there, so the person who had it was going to throw it away.

I already had a copy of the game, but I’m a huge fan of Scrabble, and also of words/letters in general, so I figured I could probably do something with the pieces that were left.

Last week, my wife finally asked, “Are you going to do something with this Scrabble stuff or not?”

So I got to work.

I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to do, but I figured it would involve putting the tiles on the board to spell out something Scrabble-related.

I tried a couple of options:

First up was “Cheaters Prosper”. Because let’s face it, it’s true. I’m never going to tell my kids “cheaters never prosper”, because that’s completely inaccurate. Anyone who has worked for a company or studied government or watched the news realizes that, on the contrary, MOST cheaters prosper. I’m still gonna tell my kids NOT to cheat, because it’s wrong, but I’m not gonna LIE about it. Haha.

Continuing the theme of cheating/prospering… This one was a tribute to my favorite method of Scrabbular cheating: flipping over tiles to use them as blanks. It’s risky, but usually people won’t notice til later, and then they will have forgotten who played that word. Classic.

Finally though, I landed on the one I wanted to go with.

This was the keeper, because it made me laugh the most. Everybody has that guy (or girl) in their life who simply can’t handle the responsibility of playing board games without ruining every relationship in their lives. For that person, I made this.

I hung it up on the wall in my office as a constant reminder not to take anything in life too seriously.

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