Kyle Makes Some Giant Cardboard Letters

My wife and I were sitting around one evening, lamenting the fact that our kids didn’t have anything hanging on their walls, when I said “How about I make something?”

A few minutes later, I’d sketched out the basic concept for two cardboard letters, L & W (for Lucy & Wesley, my two oldest children). I showed them to my wife, and she gave me the thumbs-up.

For Lucy’s letter, I decided to make a cardboard castle with one really short tower and one really long one, to form the letter L.

Here’s how I made it.

I started by sketching the basic shape on a piece of cardboard.

After I had the basic shape, I cut it out and started building up the structure with more cardboard.

From here, I started cutting out rough blocky shapes to represent the stone walls of the castle. Then I hot-glued these in place. There really isn’t a method to this… I was just kinda making it up as I went. This is a great place to use little scraps of cardboard that you might have from other projects though, because each block is only an inch or two on each side.

I finished up the front part of the castle (between the two towers), and then started on the shorter tower. It was basically the same process, but I also had to add in a window and a windowsill.

I repeated this process on the other tower, and voila! The tower was complete.

I thought it came out great, but it wasn’t my opinion that mattered. So we brought in Lucy to see what SHE thought. As you can tell, she was a fan.

Lucy’s only complaint was that the L was not pink. This kinda killed me, because I’m a big fan of the raw cardboard look… but hey, it’s her room! So my wife painted it in a cool pink ombre sorta thing, and we hung it up above Lucy’s bed.

Here’s the final product in place:

Since we made one for Lucy, it was only fair that we make one for Wes too. I didn’t want to do the castle thing again, but I wanted to stick with the same theme, so I came up with a two-arms-fighting-with-swords sorta thing.

Unfortunately, I neglected to take pictures during the construction process, so all I have is this picture of the final product:

Since Lucy’s was painted, Wes wanted his painted too.

The kids ended switching to bunkbeds shortly thereafter, so we moved both of the letters to the same wall. Here’s a shot of both letters in their final spot.

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