Ornament Time!

Today is the final day of 3Doodler week! All week long I’ve been sharing stuff I’ve made with the 3Doodler that my friends over at MakerGeeks sent over!

On Monday I shared my first attempts . Tuesday I made a 3Doodled hand . Wednesday I made an Abraham Lincoln head . And yesterday I shared my 3Doodled Christmas tree!

For today’s post, I wanted to share something else Christmas-y, something that anyone could make – and customize to your liking!

A christmas ornament!

Next I peeled the snowflake off. As I mentioned, there were some issues with the plastic melting to the styrofoam, and I had to make a few repairs. But overall, not too bad.

Next I repeated the process for the other side, but I switched the filament to blue. This time I just drew the basic framework on the ball, then popped it off to do the detail work so that I wouldn’t run into the

All that was left was to stitch them together with a little plastic, and voila! A custom-made snowflake ornament!

Final thoughts on the 3Doodler

Obviously the 3Doodler doesn’t have the precision of a desktop 3D printer. You’re not going to be mocking up photo-ready prototype parts or anything like that. But what it lacks in precision it makes up for in charm. The 3Doodler is definitely more at the “craft” end of the spectrum, but that’s what makes it lovable. It’s a fun thing to play around with, and if you have some artistic skill, you could do some really cool stuff with it.

Plus, it’s WAY CHEAPER than a 3D printer. You can pick up one of these for about a hundred bucks at MakerGeeks.com , which is a pretty low entry point into the 3D-anything market.

Thanks for taking the time to check out all of these posts. Make sure to check out MakerGeeks.com for all your maker-y needs!

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