Rockin’ Around the Christmas 3Doodle

All week long I’ve been doing a series of posts featuring things I’ve made with the 3Doodler. The only reason I’ve been able to do these posts is that my awesome friends over at MakerGeeks.com sent me over a 3Doodler to play with. Thanks guys!

On Monday I showed you my first attempts with the 3Doodler , on Tuesday I 3Doodled a hand , and yesterday I 3Doodled the head of Abraham Lincoln.

Today I decided to make something festive. With Christmas just around the corner, I decided to 3Doodle myself a little Christmas tree.

Here’s how I did it:

I started by building up the “trunk” section. This is what everything else would attach to, so I built it up with several layers of plastic.

From there, I started adding the branches of the tree.

Then I connected the branches to make a prismatic wireframe sort of look.

Next I switched out the green plastic for red and started adding ornaments. Or berries. You decide.

Finally, I switched out the red filament for silver so I could add some garland and a star. Voila! A Christmas tree!

Tune in tomorrow for the final day of our weeklong series of 3Doodler creations. And while you’re waiting, head on over to MakerGeeks.com to check out their awesome selection of gear for makers!

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