Wand! Tooth! Reef! Oar!

Today’s thing is a reworking of an idea I had awhile ago.

It’s a sort of phonetic rearrangement of the way every band starts their songs:


Several months ago, I posted this sketch to instagram:

A photo posted by Kyle Scheele (@kylescheele) on

But a few days ago I decided to rework this into a digital piece.

I started by laying out the text in a bunch of different fonts to get a feel for what I might like.

I liked the one on the top-right, so I went with that (the font is called Blackout Noon Italic, if you’re wondering).

Next I started playing with the arrangement and adding in the extra elements (the wand, tooth (teeth), reef, and oar).

I didn’t like how the bottom two looked, so I flipped the oar the other way and adjusted the angle a bit. Then I added color, and voila!

Here’s the finished product. Whadduya think?

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One thought on “ Wand! Tooth! Reef! Oar!

  1. I keep saying it out loud to myself…it’s crazy how much the two sound the same!

    Visiting from lorimerliving.blogspot.com


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